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Everything you need to know with Amare Global

Amare Global: What is it?

Amare Company Overview

Amare Global is a well-rooted, Multi-Level-Marketing venture that uses affiliate membership to generate business. The members are furnished with an array of health supplements to sell as they recruit more affiliates. When you sign up, you will also be issued a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to make passive money using an automated lead system that generates sign ups and commissions. The marketing system features; free lifetime leads, traffic and marketing training, follow-up email messages and high converting capture page. According to the company website, you can generate between 20 to 50 leads a day as you make money.

The California based entity was established as recently as 2016. Mr. Hiep Tran is the Founder and company CEO. Hiep is a well-known quantity in corporate circles, having been an executive in several companies. In 2008, he established a fintech upstart called Meritus Payment solutions. The firm was sold to Optimal Payments six years later for an undisclosed amount. Before establishing Amare Global Health and Wellness Company, Hiep Tran served as the CEO of Paysafe. The other founding executives are Mark Nguyen, Mike Brown, Rich Higbee and Shawn Talbott, who is a product formulator and Chief Science Officer. You do not need technical skills to start.

Amare Products

Amare Global sells a wide range of health supplements marketed under the popular, “Gut-Brain-Axis” mantra. The axis is said to play a critical role in ensuring total health and wellness. This revolutionary science is based on a concept showing a correlation between the gut and brain. The company points to a study linking the microbes produced in the gut with how we feel and get energized. The gut hosts trillions of bacteria that outnumber human body cells by a factor of 10 to 1.

According to the company website, there are about 100 trillion microorganisms of different species in the GI tract. According to the company, the balance is easily upset because the microbes in the gut produce more dopamine, serotonin and neurotransmitters compared to the human brain. The mental wellness products sold by Amare Global are inspired by the traditional healing practices of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. There are close 20 products on offer.

Amare Product List

Amare VitaGBX – this supplement is presented as a premium multi-vitamin. A bottle containing 120 capsules is available for $39.95.

Amare VitaGBX

Amare Probiotics – Probiotics are essentially living yeast and bacteria. The microbes have been shown to be useful to the digestive system. The Amore Global Probiotics is marketed as “broad spectrum, high-potency probiotics”. A bottle containing 60 capsules of Probiotics is sold for $29.95.

Amare Probiotics

Amare MentaFocus – the makers of this supplement point to a clinical study that tout its effectiveness in supporting mental acuity, focus and creativity as well as promoting cognitive function. A bottle containing 60 capsules of MentaFocus retails for $44.95.

Amare MentaFocus

Amare Digestive – this health supplement sells as an effective GI support. A bottle containing 60 capsules retails at $29.95.

Amare Digestive

Amare Sleep+ – this supplement is sold as an effective solution for achieving refreshing, rejuvenating and restful sleep. A bottle containing 60 capsules retails at a price of $59.65.

Amare Sleep+

Amare OmMega – the supplement is marketed as a solution for supporting cardiovascular and cognitive faculties. A bottle containing 60 capsules retails for $29.95.

Amare OmMega

Amare Energy+ – this product is branded the essential energy booster with the ability to “enhance brain function and physical performance”. A complete box containing 30 single serve sticks retails for $44.95.

Amare Energy+

Amare Kinda Fundamentals – this nutrition supplement is targeted at kids and teens. It is marketed as an “all in one Gut-Brain-Axis”. The tub is available for $66.95.

Amare Kinda Fundamentals

Amare Mood+ – this supplement is said to help stabilize mood and provide relief from restlessness, anxiety, sadness and stress. A bottle containing 60 capsules is available for $59.95.

Amare Mood+

Amare GBX SeedFiber – this product is sold as an effective “microbiome enhancing seed powder”. A complete tub retails at a price of $36.95.

Amare GBX SeedFiber

The other products in the list include: Reboot+ for resetting the Gut-Brain-Axis; Relief+ for boosting natural pain response; GBX Protein, a microbiome booster and MentaSync for enhancing chemical messaging between the brain and gut. The others are MentaBiotics for improving mental health and wellness; KidsVitaGBX for body and mind nutrition and GBX SuperFood for boosting microbes. The GBX SuperFood tub features assorted fruits and vegetable. It is important to point out that Global products are sold as holistic solutions to a healthier well-being.

How the Amare plan works and the compensation breakdown

This Multi-Level-Marketing program offers downstream commission earning opportunities to affiliate members. The commission system is highly comprehensive. The two strategies for earning money are through the Referral Commission and Retail Commission. To start the program and earn commission, an affiliate member is required to pay $69.95 for the product package. The products are offered at a discounted rate to all affiliate members. Members who want to earn referral commission need to obtain and maintain 100 Personal Volume (PV) worth of retail sales.

The PV can also be achieved in the form of monthly personal purchases. For retail commission, affiliate members are required to hit the assigned sales target. Products can be sold online as this count towards the compensation plan. The other strategy is buying products in bulk at wholesale prices and selling them at retail price. The member then keeps the difference. Affiliate members who rise up the ranks are better positioned to earn more money. There are a total of 13 ranks at Amare Global. One of the qualifications is maintaining 100 PV each month.

Points to take home regarding Amare Global

1. Amare Global is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited firm with A- rating. Based on the posited reviews, the company enjoys 5-star rating from customers.
2. It costs just $69.95 to become an affiliate member
3. The packs on offer are:
• Launch Pack – $749
• Fundamental Pack – $134
• Project B3 Pack – $274
• Core Wellness Pack – $188
• Family Wellness Pack – $399
• Kids Fundamental Pack – $119
Each of these packs contains multiple health products

Amare Global Review – Is Amare a Scam or a Legitimate MLM?

After prodding the system and reading the reviews from varying sources, it is evident Amare Global is not a scam. There may be a few commentaries that suggest otherwise, but the company often engages such concerns with openness and cogent explanations. At the core of the company’s operation is the Multi-Level-Marketing business model that works. The biggest draws in my postulation are the impressive array of health supplements; supportive management team and a rewarding compensation strategy.

Amare Final Thoughts

Having had a firsthand look at Amare Global’s products, business model and compensation plan, I will say it is a solid company offering legitimate money earning opportunities while serving a fast growing niche market. Affiliates have the opportunity to earn decent commissions and sell products to family, friends and the general public. Depending on their effort, members have an opportunity to earn an array of commissions and bonuses over the long term.